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First Year Student Success (FYSS)

The First Year Student Success (FYSS) Workshop was held in June 2016. The workshop intended to facilitate cross-campus dialogue related to supporting the academic success of first-year, non-transfer students.

Workshop participants had the opportunity to:

  • Identify connections between their unit’s program(s) and first-year student success.
  • Gain a better understanding of their unit's programming for first year student success in relation to both the literature on student success and what units across campus are doing for first-year student success, including areas of overlap and uniqueness.
  • Made a start on using logic models to describe and analyze your unit’s contributions to first-year student success.
  • Identify next steps for their program(s) and for beginning conversations with other units on campus with similar goals.


What Matters for Student Success (Elizabeth Whitt)

UC Merced Data Related to First Semester Academic Standing and Gateway Courses in Which Students Most Often Struggle (Cinnamon Danube)